AirSensa today

AirSensa is a UK-based company at the forefront of the emerging industry to tackle global air pollution. AirSensa is a data and analytics company; we collect real-time air quality and environmental data on a hyper-local and continuous basis from meshes of our own sensor units installed across entire cities and larger urban areas.

Our mission is to generate the data needed to enable individuals, industry and government authorities to make informed choices. The only real data available today is produced by governments for statutory reporting; however, that data is based on modelling from very few measurement points and, as a consequence, is not useful for real-time or accurate determination of harmful pollutants. It is also therefore not useful for addressing the harmful health impacts and suffering that air pollution causes today. We can’t manage what we don’t measure, so the challenge is to generate much better, more localised data. AirSensa meets that challenge, improving the lives of millions around the world.