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Even low levels of air pollution linked to changes in the heart

Research from Queen Mary University of London has shown once again the vital importance of getting real air pollution data at hyperlocal level, continuously, and in real time. As the BBC reported: “Regular exposure to even low levels of air pollution may cause changes to the heart similar to those in the early stages of […]

Manchester confirmed as first AirSensa City Demo Mesh

As part of AirSensa’s plan to establish large demonstration meshes to showcase low-cost monitoring in major cities, AirSensa will roll out its first City Demonstration Mesh (CDM) in Manchester over the next few months.  Transport for Greater Manchester will work with AirSensa, three local universities, and a range of other partners to install a network of […]

AirSensa announces key advisory council members

AirSensa has established an advisory council of experts in fields and industries that align with the Company’s interests, including: Michael Brockman Professor Pali Hungin OBE DL MD FRCP FRCGP FRSA Dr Peter Biesenbach Anthony Bouchier Mike Brockman founded Insure The Box Limited in 2009.  In March 2015, ANDIE, the European arm of Asian insurance giant MS&AD, acquired […]

Millions of British children breathing toxic air, Unicef warns

According to a report recently published by Unicef ‘A Breath of Toxic Air’, more than 4.5 million children – almost a third of under-18s – in the UK are growing up in areas with toxic levels of small particulate air pollution, including 1.6 million under-fives and 270,000 babies. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that […]

EU accused of ‘half-hearted approach’ on air quality

The European Commission recently published a paper to accompany its decisions on improving air quality, titled ‘A Europe that protects: Clean air for all’. “Air pollution is a cause of both chronic and serious diseases such as asthma, cardiovascular problems and lung cancer,” the paper said. But is the commission’s policy actually leading to clean air […]

London school pollution levels break WHO guidelines

Some pupils in London are being taught in classrooms where air is so polluted it breaches World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, a study has found.  In some cases, the report found that pollution levels inside the schools were higher than outside.  Sadiq Khan wants the funds to allow schools to make “immediate changes”.  A review […]

Living near major roads increases the risk of dementia

A decade-long Canadian study of 6.6 million people, published in The Lancet, found that 1 in 10 dementia deaths in people living within 50 metres of a busy road was attributable to traffic fumes and noise. The team tracked adults aged between 20 and 85 living in Ontario from 2001 to 2012 and over the study […]